Friday, September 26, 2014

Technology Helps Home Buyers Connect With Real Estate Agents! Here's How!

When looking for your next home, Technology has changed the way real estate agents communicate with their clients! There are so many tools out there, here are a few that can make your next transaction smooth and easy!

Street View on Google Maps

When you have found a home that you love, if you go to Google Maps, there is an option to look at the home from the Street View. This allows buyers to preview subdivisions and get a 360-degree view of the community to narrow their likes and dislikes.

Mobile Apps

According to the 2013 Digital House Hunt study, mobile applications are used by 68 percent of new-home shoppers during their search. Keller Williams Realty agents have a branded mobile home search app which allows home buyers to hunt for homes in multiple ways; using GPS-based searches, map searches, or lifestyle features like proximity to restaurants. There are mobile apps that will aid buyers in their search such as; the iPMT mortgage calculator, DotLoop electronic signatures for documents, and GreatSchools Finder which gives school test scores and ratings.

Cloud-Based Tools

Leveraging the cloud gives you easy access to information and the ability to sync files across mobile devices. Cloud services for document storage, like Evernote, Carbonite, and Google Drive, can make sharing files with clients easy. 

Hyperlocal Websites

Buyers are looking for specific information on communities through hyperlocal data on your website. This should include links to information on the schools, property tax rates, neighborhood amenities, things to do for families in the community and much more. Having relevant, local content on your site that is updated regulary, is vital if you want to show up on search engines.


86 percent of buyers say they like videos to learn nore about a community or property. Several programs are making it easier to shoot, edit and upload videos, such as video editor apps like Videolicious, Magisto, and Animoto Video Maker. For out of town or international buyers, UStream can be used for live video streaming so you can 'show' the home to buyers. Many agents are using video to introduce themselves, detail the buying process, and show testimonials. 

Technology plays a critical role in helping more buyers forward. It's providing agents with the ability to connect with clients of younger generations. It is also allowing buyers to start building a relationship with their agent before they even call! As more buyers start their home search online, if agents are not using technology in their real estate business, they are missing out on a large population. 

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